Haro Freestyler 1’st gen. 1983

I used to have an Haro Freestyler first generation in the mid 80´s. It was owned by one of my riding buddies in Tullinge before me. The frame was the first production BMX freestyle frame ever made. It was designed by Bob Haro and made by Torker. It’s the holy grail for many of the serious BMX old school collectors from all over the world.

I found this frame at the German Ebay. It was sold as an Haro, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s a genuine Haro Freestyler made by Torker, or if it’s a copy, made exactly like the original.

I have tried to build it up like the one I had in the 80´s, with similar parts, but with another color scheme. The green GT seat is mine from back in the days. I have got the seat post clamp and the chain ring from Patrik “Döskallen” and the headset from T8. The frame/fork decals is purchased from Vert-Ego in England. All the white parts have been powdercoated by Barspin-Danne. The tires is a reproduction of the old Snakebelly’s that Bob Haro used to ride with.

My favourite part of the bike is the NOS (new old stock) Haro Handles brake levers in plastic. Very fragile and hard to find, in perfect condition like this. 😀

FRAME 1983 Haro Freestyler 1´st generation. Chrome.
FORK Haro Freestyler 1´st generation. 1¨ threaded. Chrome.
STEM Redline Forklifter COPY with Redline decal. White.
HANDLEBAR Redline Forklifter race-version. White.
HEADSET Tange MX-125 alloy. 1¨ threaded. Red anodized. (NOS)
HEAD LOCK Tioga head lock. 1¨ threaded. Silver. (NOS)
GRIPS A’me Rounds, Red with black donuts. (NEW)
CRANKS Tioga Task-Force 1-piece 175mm. Chrome.
BOTTOM BRACKET BOOT Odi Mushroom. White. (NOS)
CHAINRING Sugino. 44T. White.
SPIDER Tioga Task-force. Black/silver. (NOS)
CHAINRING BOLTS Alloy. Red anodized. (NEW)
PEDALS MKS Grafight. 1/2¨. Black.
CHAIN Izumi 1/8¨. White/nickel. (NOS)
SEAT Ariake Shotgun 2 “GT BMX”. Green.
SEAT POST Tange straight fluted 22.2mm. Haro decal. Chrome.
BRAKES Lee Chi MX1000 with Weinmann semi automatic adjusters and Dia-Compe decals. White.
BRAKE PADS Kool-stop “Vans”. Green. (NOS)
BRAKE LEVERS Haro Handles. Red/white. (NOS)
BRAKE CABLES Rear; Dia-Compe, green. Front; Haro Thunderbolt, green. (NOS)
WHEELS Skyway Tuff wheels II mags with alloy hubs. Black.
FREEWHEEL SunTour 17T. Chrome/black.
TIRES Snakebellys skinwall repops. 1.75¨ front and rear. Green. (NEW)
DECALS Haro Freestyler from Vert-Ego.

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