Two bikes added november 2014


Added two lovely bikes today. One is a very rare first generation model of Kuwahara LaserLite with teardrop shaped top- and downtubes from 1982. The other one is 10 years younger, the S&M Dirt Bike from 1992.

New bikes added may 2014


Here’s the latest bikes in my collection. Kuwahara Nova 1983, Tioga Rhino 1984 and GT Mach One 1985. The Hutch TrickStar have been updated for 2014 with Hutch Mike Buff bar, Hutch donut seat post clamp, OGK mags and Sugino chainwheel.

New bikes added april 2013


Check out my latest bikes….

Swedish BMX documentary by Björn Berglund. Part 1 of 3


“Teknik För Alla”. Scans from swedish magazine


Here’s some scans from the swedish magazine “Teknik För Alla”. Click to see more…

The first BMX magazine from Sweden?


Uffe Meijer was one of the first BMX riders in Sweden. In november of 1981 he made his first BMX magazine called “Aerial”. It’s probably the first BMX magazine from Sweden.

Download it here to see it: AERIAL BMX magazine in PDF format – Size: 3.26MB

History of Mongoose


Uffe Meijer + Kuwahara Exhibitionist


For a while ago, the Swedish BMX legend Uffe Meijer visited me to check out my bikes. Uffe was one of the first BMX freestylers in Sweden and he was sponsored by Kuwahara and Skyway in the early 80´s. He brought some christmas gifts to me. Thanks mate! 🙂

Here’s an old picture of Uffe riding his Kuwahara Exhibitionist >>

Speaking of Kuwahara Exhibitionist; it have always been my number one holy grail old school BMX to find, and recently I was lucky to find one here in Stockholm. That’s unbelievable! Huge thanks to Bosse! The building is in progress, and I have collect almost every correct parts for it.

Scans updated 2013-01-24


I have updated with some more scans from TWS, MT-Racing The Fox, Schauff, Jaggazaki & Yamaha BYZ. Check it out!

Scans of old BMX catalogs and adverts.


I’m scanning all of my old BMX catalogs and printed adverts from the 80’s and 90’s, and I will put them here on the website gradually. 🙂 First out is the 1984 catalog from MT-Racing.

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