Yamaha BYZ 501. 1982

Before I got my first BMX bike in 1983, the kids in the neighborhood talked about a BMX bike called “Yamaha BYZ 501” and they said it was the best BMX in the whole world. It cost a fortune even back then so no one in the neighborhood could afford to buy it. My best friend Jörgen got the cheaper version “Yamaha BYZ 301” and I was very jealous of him. My dream was to own a “501”, but it never happened…

…until almost 30 years later when I got in contact with Hedda and Berry in Malmö. They had just bought an old bike shop who used to be a distributor for Yamaha bikes in the 80´s. They had many NOS (new old stock) parts for the Yamaha BMX bikes, but no frames. I really wanted to get an Yamaha, but it is almost impossible to find a Yamaha frame. But only a couple of weeks later, I found a complete Yamaha BYZ 501 bike at the French Ebay. The parts was in bad shape, but the frame looked good. It was not cheap, but I bought it anyway. Then I bought most of the NOS parts from Hedda & Berry.

The Shimano DX cranks, sprocket and seat post has been refurbished. The cranks and sprocket was re-anodized in red. The decals for the frame, seat and cranks are reproductions made by me.

I couldn’t find any information about what tires to use for the 501, but I remembered my friend Jörgen got Michelin tires on his Yamaha BYZ 301 back in the days. I found a NOS red Michelin skinwall tire in 2.125¨ to put in front and a red Knarler Knobby skinwall in 1.75¨ for the rear.

Yamaha BMX bikes was made by Motobecane in France.

A big thanks to Hedda & Berry for selling the Yamaha parts to me!

FRAME 1982 Yamaha BYZ 501. Made by Tange. Chrome.
FORK Tange TRX. Chrome. (NOS)
STEM SR MX-420. Silver/red. (NOS)
HANDLEBAR WIN aluminum V-bar. Red anodized. (NOS)
HEADSET Hatta MX-2. 1¨ threaded. Pearl cherry red.
GRIPS Yamaha/Motobecane. Red. (NOS)
CRANKS Shimano DX 3-piece. Variable lenght. Red anodized. Custom decals.
CHAINRING Shimano DX 44T. Red anodized.
SPIDER Shimano DX. Red anodized.
PEDALS Shimano DX 1/2¨. Red anodized. (NOS)
CHAIN Sedis 1/8¨. Black. (NOS)
SEAT Selle Italia. Red with white Yamaha decals. (NOS)
SEAT POST Shimano DX 22.2mm. Polished with red decals.
SEAT POST CLAMP SR Japan. Red anodized. (NOS)
REAR BRAKE Lee Chi MX-1000 with Weinmann semi automatic adjuster. Red.
BRAKE LEVER Chang Star Tech-2. Red anodized. (NOS)
RIMS Weinmann 36H. Gold anodized. (NOS)
HUBS Maillard Helicomatic. Red anodized. (NOS)
SPOKES/NIPPLES Chrome 194mm spokes. Chrome brass nipples (NOS).
FREEWHEEL Maillard Helicomatic 16T. Chrome/black. (NOS)
FRONT TIRE Michelin skinwall 2.125¨. Red. (NOS)
REAR TIRE Knarler Knobby skinwall 1.75¨. Red.
DECALS Homemade decals for the frame.
PADS Yamaha BYZ vinyl pad set. White/red. (NOS)


  • arokoi888 (12 years)

    Awesome….9.5/10 ratings….wanna rate it 10/10 but that rating is only for brand new bike…lol…..so 9.5/10 is already a 5 star….bravo…great work.

  • Patrick (10 years)

    I Owen a byz 501 since 32 years it is in Good shape ! But i do Not have the Pads anymore ! Do you have an Idea where i can Buy them ?

    • Tobbe (10 years)

      Hi Patrick! I’m sorry, but I don’t know where to find the pads 🙁

  • hye can u give picture the number serial??
    i have this frame , and serial number is T3H0607 TANGE JAPAN. can u give confirmation??? i need your help.

  • Jon (9 years)

    Doing some research- does anyone know how much that bike cost in 1983? Or what a typical BMX mongoose Motomag ran for in 1982? I’m trying to get a price point.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Smilingeye (7 years)

    The Yamaha BYZ 501 cost when it came 7500:- Swedish kronor

  • Paolo (5 years)

    Ciao sai dirmi qualcosa su questo numero di telaio Yamaha bmx kbt00818 Grazie mille

  • Phil Doyle (5 years)

    There were 3 Yamaha bikes. 301, 401 and 501.

  • Phil Doyle (5 years)

    In 1983 I had the choice after my dad did an insurance job. Diamond Back Silver Streak/ Viper/Harry Leary Turbo/Mongoose Californian/Supergoose/Kuwuhara E.T./Hutch Pro Star/Trickstar. Which did I choose? I also still own it.

  • Stefan (5 years)

    Hi, where can I find hedda & berry, i OWN a Yamaha 101 and am looking for Parts

  • Marvin (5 years)

    I own a 401 in very good order anyone know how much it is worth .everything is still original and still have the frame pads

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