Kuwahara LaserLite. 1983

At the age of 13, I bought my first Kuwahara in 1985. The bike was used and I found it in the “Gula-tidningen” (advertising paper) in Kungsängen. I had it for a couple of years and then sold it to a member of the Älvsjö BMX Club. Many years later, in 2010, I found it for sale at Blocket.se (swedish version of Craigs List). I called and bought it right away. I couldn’t believe it was true that I had found my old LaserLite from back in the days. 😀

When I sold the bike, some of the parts was different from when I raced it, and some of the old parts was saved in my dad’s basement. I have tried to build the bike exactly the way I had it back in the days. All of my old parts is marked by *** in the listing below.

When I had the bike in the 80´s, my dream was to have an Haro Circuit Plate (number plate) instead of a cheap Tech plate copy that I had, but I couldn’t afford it. 25 years later, I was very happy to receive a red NOS (new old stock) Haro Circuit Plate from Patrik “Döskallen”. I did also get the Tioga Task Force cranks and spider from Patrik (powdercoated in white by Barspin-Danne).

FRAME 1983 Kuwahara LaserLite. Chrome. ***
FORK Tange TRX 1¨ threaded. Chrome.
STEM Sugino. Black. ***
HANDLEBAR Kuwahara LaserBar (stamped). Chrome. ***
HEADSET Tioga MX-101. Chrome with white head lock. ***
GRIPS A’me Tri. Red with white Flite donuts. (NEW)
CRANKS Tioga Task-force 175mm. White.
CHAINRING Sugino 44T custom. Polished. ***
SPIDER Tioga Task-force. White.
PEDALS KKT SMX 1/2¨. Black.
CHAIN Izumi 1/8¨. Chrome. ***
SEAT Unknown (Elina-copy). Black. ***
SEAT POST Nitto layback 22.2mm. White. ***
SEAT POST CLAMP SunTour Arrow. Black.
REAR BRAKE Dia-Compe 890. Polished. ***
BRAKE LEVER Dia-Compe Tech-3. Polished. ***
BRAKE CABLE Dia-Compe cable with translucent silver brake cable housing.
RIMS Ukai Speedline 36H. Black with shiny sides. ***
HUBS Suzue high flange 36H. Loose ball bearings. Black anodized. (NOS)
SPOKES/NIPPLES Chrome spokes. Chrome brass nipples. ***
FREEWHEEL SunTour 16T. Chrome/black. ***
TIRES Michelin kevlar skinwall. 1.75¨ front and rear. Black. (NOS)
DECALS Kuwahara repop decals from Asia.
PADS Kuwahara. Black. ***
NUMBER PLATE Haro Circuit board. Red/white. (NOS)

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